The State of Recruitment 2024

3PM (GMT), Wednesday 6th March 2024


Join our exclusive webinar where we go beyond the data from our State of Recruitment 2024 report.

Listen to industry leaders:

  • Unpack the "why" behind the trends: Gain deeper understanding of market forces shaping your recruitment efforts.
  • Bring the data to life: Learn how industry leaders interpret and leverage key metrics to optimise performance.
  • Share practical strategies: Translate insights into actionable steps to boost your agency's productivity and efficiency.
  • Answer your burning questions: Get expert insights tailored to your agency's specific challenges and opportunities.


  • Derry Holt - CEO, OneUp Sales
  • Stuart Johnson - Head of Sales EMEA, Mercury
  • Matthew Gallivan, Head of Sales, JobAdder
  • James Fitzpatrick, MD, Boden Group

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