Reporting & Analytics

Track & understand all your data, in one place

Visualise and report on data from your CRM, VoiP, Engagement, and Timesheets software in real-time. No coding required.

Trusted by leading sales and recruitment teams
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How it works

Take the pain out of reporting and analysis

You shouldn't have to be a data scientist to understand and drive team performance. Recruitment and sales leaders deserve advanced reporting, that's easy to use. What does that look like? No more spreadsheets, complex BI tools, or clunky CRM dashboards in sight. Just all your data, visualised simply, on autopilot. Lovely.

Connect your CRM

Work with our Implementation Team to connect your CRM, VoiP and other tools to align metrics across all your platforms and enable you to report on them in one place.

Build custom reports

Create custom dashboards and reports for you, your team, and your leadership, so that you can tie data from all your systems together in one place.

Automate reporting

Put your recurring reports on autopilot to make sure your whole team is in the loop, without the manual work.

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Quickly view and analyse your data in one place

Reporting and Target Tracking Dashboards

Build flexible reporting dashboards in minutes

Enable transparency with user-friendly dashboards, so your team can easily track targets in real-time.

  • Build Custom Dashboards for teams, individuals, and managers with the metrics only they need to see
  • Make it simple to see whether reps and teams are on pace to hit their targets with Expected Results
  • Setup Target Templates to make onboarding new reps quick and easy

Deep-dive into the data that matters most

Understand what activities actually drive results and take proactive action to ensure your team stays on track.

  • Drilldown into Analytics to see what contributed to your target metrics over any time period
  • View metrics from all your systems alongside each other with drag and drop tables where you can compare periods, apply functions, and share reports.
  • Save as many reports as you like, so the data you need is always only a click away

OneUp is a great way to identify areas of improvement for consultants allowing them to see exactly where they are to target across any KPIs you might want to measure. It's a one stop shop for reviewing daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly targets with 1 or 2 clicks to find the MI you need. It's become a huge timesaver for reporting and analysing.


Visualise performance trends over time

Easily plot achievement against target over any time period and spot trends that need action.

  • View Charts with performance against target for any metric over day, week, month, quarter, or year
  • Analyse periods of good or bad performance and identify the causes by deep diving into your connected CRM data
  • Download Charts as images for use in those all important monthly SLT presentations

Automate recurring reports

Save time manually compiling reports and get the data you need sent directly to your inbox.

  • Automate your daily activity update, weekly summary, or monthly leadership report
  • Get updates on your progress to target so you always know whether your team is on track
  • Setup Daily Digest Emails so your team get updates on their daily activity
Automate reporting and target tracking

Integrate directly with the tools you already use

OneUp is designed to enhance the reporting and analytics capabilities of your current tech stack.


Simplify your reporting and analysis with

Real-time data

Report on real-time data from your entire tech stack in one place and deep dive into the activities behind the metrics.

Custom dashboards

Focus your team on targets that matter—Meetings Booked, Calls Made, Qualified Opps? It's up to you.

Report Builder

Simple drag and drop tables where you can pair metrics, compare periods, apply functions, and share reports.


Visualise performance trends against your targets over any time period.

Data insights

Dive into the activities behind the metrics to understand what drives good or bad performance.

Automated workflows

Cut out the manual work and get the reports you need delivered to you when you want.

Target templates

Make onboarding easy with dashboard and target templates for new users.

Daily digest emails

Automatically update every rep on progress towards their targets before the day begins.