Gamification & Motivation

Create a high-performance culture that’s driven by success

Focus your team on the activities that matter, foster healthy competition, and drive accountability so they know what success looks like.

Sales gamification, motivation, and live leaderboards
Trusted by leading sales and recruitment teams
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How it works

Take the pain out of motivating and incentivising your team

No more whiteboards to update, spreadsheets to track activity, or daily emails to keep the team up-to-date. Share live targets, leaderboards, and competitions with your team, in one place. Simple.

Connect your CRM

Work with our Implementation Team to connect your CRM, VoiP and other tools to align metrics across all your platforms and enable you to report on them in one place.

Set targets

Based on any data you have synced from your system. Set boundaries to track whether your team is ahead of behind pace to hit target.

Create incentives

Get your team working together, challenging each other head-to-head, or tracking who's smashing target this month.

Share leaderboards

Keep your team up-to-date on what the top performers in your company are achieving.

Product tour

Easily promote healthy competition and accountability

Sales and recruitment dashboards

Focus your team by showing them what 'good' looks like

Drive accountability and instill behaviours that deliver results.

  • Set your team targets that matter and build habits that align with your goals
  • Build custom dashboards for your individual reps and teams to keep them on target
  • Monitor targets in real-time so every rep knows whether they are on track

Create leagues, challenges, missions, and more

Engage your team and incentivise them to overachieve with a variety of gamification modules.

  • Foster healthy competition by creating challenges between individuals or teams
  • Create missions and incentivise your team to work together to beat their targets
  • Set up leagues to show reps their progress against peers and who's on track to win incentives
Sales motivation and incentives platform

Keeping our sales team motivated, keeping us accountable, bringing some level of fun to KPIs. The reporting allows us to monitor and manage staff accurately and allows us to have much better one-to-one meetings.

Live sales leaderboards and TVs

Fire up live leaderboards and share with your team

Empower self-management and drive accountability by being transparent with your team about their targets and progress.

  • Real-time data ensures you're sharing the latest leaderboards with your entire team
  • Connect with your in-office TV system so everyone can see where they stand
  • Create leaderboards based on any target you set your team

Celebrate success

Recognise achievements and reward great performance to keep your team motivated.

  • Celebrate success with personalised songs and automated broadcasts
  • Create team-wide or individual incentives to motivate your reps
  • Drive engagement and transparency by sharing data with your whole team
Sales success and celebrations

Integrate directly with the tools you already use

OneUp is designed to enhance the motivational and gamification capabilities of your current tech stack.


Motivate and engage your team easily with


Create targets for individuals and teams based on any data you've synced.


Display live leaderboards throughout your office and show your team what 'good' looks like.


Create competitions amongst teams or individuals and challenge them through healthy competition


Incentivise your team to work together to achieve their targets, with missions based on tiered incentives, stretch targets, or core KPIs.


Issue head-to-head challenges between individual reps and get them focussed on the same metrics.

TVs & slideshows

Connect your office TVs to share targets, results, leaderboards, competitions, and more directly with your team.

Custom dashboards

Focus your team on targets that matter—Meetings Booked, Calls Complete, Closed Won Deals? It's up to you.

TV flash

Celebrate great performance by triggering messages on your TV when certain actions — like Deals closing — happen.

See OneUp in action

Book a demo and discover how 300+ teams use OneUp to hit target faster.