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Raise the bar and show your team what ‘good’ looks like

Say goodbye to whiteboards and spreadsheets. Share real-time leaderboards and targets with your team to keep everyone on track.

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Trusted by leading sales and recruitment teams
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Communicate via office TVs

Connect and control what you show on your office TVs

Save time on internal communication by connecting and controlling exactly what you show on your office TVs.


Share presentations, leaderboards, targets, and more

Drive engagement and transparency by sharing whatever data you want with your whole team and show them what ‘good’ looks like.

Share live sales leaderboards

From making our sales visible across our screens to empowering our team leads to make data driven decisions OneUp has become indespensible to the business. I love the high level information and how granular the data can get. It allows us to challenge our team and drive and motivate them to greater performance.

Communicate celebrations and achievements
TV Flash

Trigger important messages and celebrations

Boost morale, motivation, and improve internal comms, by triggering TV flashes when specific targets or achievements are met.


Control office TVs across your global office network

Have complete control over exactly what you share and when across your global offices, and create a truly connected workforce.

Global office TV communication

Integrate directly with the tools you already use

OneUp is designed to enhance the reporting and analytics capabilities of your current tech stack.


See OneUp in action

Book a demo and discover how 300+ teams use OneUp to hit target faster.