Sales leaderboard platform


Fire up a leaderboard or competition in no time and display it across your office TVs and in the OneUp dashboard. Healthy competition can drive results and ensure the CRM is kept up to date at all times 🥳

OneUp TV

The ultimate office TVs

OneUp TV allows you to display your Leaderboards & Missions across your office TVs so even if your team don’t have the OneUp dashboard open they can see how they are doing in real-time. 

Celebrate success wherever your team are working

Remember gongs on sales floors? They’ve had a massive upgrade.
Set custom triggers to launch a celebration across office TVs, the dashboard and MS Teams so everyone can celebrate each other's successes - from anywhere.

Users can even add their own celebration anthem 🎵

Deal Celebration

Slides for every occasion

Not just for competitions, OneUp TV can be used to display company announcements, custom images or even Youtube videos as well as your competitions.

All are easily controlled remotely via our web platform.

Dig deep into your data from all your favourite tools

"Keeping our sales team motivated, keeping us accountable, bringing some level of fun to KPIs. The reporting allows us to monitor and manage staff accurately and allows us to have much better one-to-one meetings"

“Brilliant platform for driving activity and building healthy competition in our business. The service and support is also outstanding.”

“We're able to track activity that matters, long gone are the days of tracking the number of calls. Our team know that the meaningful metrics are being tracked and are motivated by the competitive element. We also save time by this being calculated automatically - we've moved on from the old whiteboard and calculator!”

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