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Visualise data in real-time and create a high-performance culture

Get visibility into your performance in real-time, keep your team laser-focused on revenue, and understand the state of play in minutes—not hours.

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Why do you need OneUp?

2010 called. They want their recruitment tech back.

Recruitment teams now need to source new jobs, candidates, and track progress to targets in real-time. But CRMs that lack real reporting functionality, data stuck in spreadsheets, and manual communication processes are holding teams back. Sound familiar? You deserve better.

Real-time data

Report on real-time data with beautiful dashboard visualisations and deep dive into the activities behind the metrics.

Custom dashboards

Focus your team on targets that matter—Meetings Booked, Interviews Complete, Jobs Filled? It's up to you.

Intelligent automation

Cut out the manual work and get the reports you need delivered to you when you want.

What's the OneUp Impact?

OneUp will focus your team on activities that increase the number of clients you win and jobs you fill.


Increase in interviews


Increase in CVs sent


Increase in client calls

Real results from Oscar Recruitment

Recruitment reporting, management, and motivation. Simplified.

Recruitment reporting and analytics software

Scrap the spreadsheets. Build reports in minutes, not hours.

Spend your time actually analysing data and making informed decisions to improve performance, instead of building reports.

  • Deep-dive into real-time data from all your systems in one place
  • Visualise performance for any given metric over day, week, month, quarter, or year
  • Track targets in real-time and analyse the activities behind the metrics

Put your daily, weekly, and monthly reporting on autopilot.

Automate repetitive tasks and start your day with all the data you need already in your inbox.

  • Build the reports you need just once, view them in real-time whenever you need
  • Automate your daily activity update, weekly summary, or monthly leadership report
  • Get updates on your progress to target so you always know whether your team is on track
Recruitment reporting automation

“OneUp has been a fantastic addition to our tech stack. We use it in our weekly manager meetings and monthly board meetings to review activity and revenue quickly and easily which was not possible to do directly in our CRM.”

Recruitment dashboards and KPIs metrics

Drop the vanity metrics. Set your team targets that matter.

Empower self-management and drive accountability by being transparent with your team about their targets and progress.

  • Build custom dashboards with the metrics that matter to your individual reps and teams
  • Run 1-2-1s and team meetings based on real-time progress against their targets
  • Set your reps missions, challenges, and targets that focus them on the metrics that matter

Focus your team by showing them what 'good' looks like.

Foster healthy competition, create team spirit, and have a little fun along the way.

  • Display real-time leaderboards so reps can see how they're performing against their colleagues
  • Create competitions amongst teams or individuals to drive teamwork and challenge reps
  • Celebrate success and great performance with your whole team (you can even set individual celebration anthems!)
Recruitment leaderboards and gamification

Integrate directly with the tools you already use

OneUp is designed to enhance the reporting and analytics capabilities of your current tech stack.



I already have a CRM. Why do I need OneUp?

OneUp is a recruitment management and reporting solution that integrates directly with your CRM and other systems. It provides a single source of truth for all your data, customisable dashboards and reports that provide more granularity than the typical CRM, and access to all your data in real-time.

Do you integrate with my CRM?

We integrate with the major recruitment CRMs including Vincere, Bullhorn, JobAdder, Loxo, Mercury and more. You can see a full list of our integrations here.

Do I have to pay for everyone in my company to be on OneUp?

You only need to buy user licences for those people that will have their data synced to the system. Observer licences (for admin users who just need to view reports) are included for free.

Can I take a trial or pilot of OneUp before I buy?

Yes. You can discuss the options for a pilot period during your demo.

How long is the setup process?

It depends on many factors, such as how much data needs to be mapped and from how many systems. But the typical customer can be up and running in less than 6 weeks.

We have a small team, how can OneUp help us?

Even with a smaller team, the ability to view real-time data and customise dashboards to see all the data you want in one place can be invaluable in uncovering the performance insights you need to drive growth.

Who do I contact if I need support?

Once you become a OneUp customer you will have a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will answer all your questions and conduct regular catch ups as and when you need. You will also have access to live chat support in the app to get all your quick questions answered in minutes.

See OneUp in action

Book a demo and discover how 300+ recruitment teams use OneUp to hit target faster.