The Carrot & Stick Podcast

New episodes released bi-weekly

Welcome to the Carrot and Stick Podcast, a podcast series where we try to get under the skin of all things recruitment, sales, management and motivation.

Speaking to recruitment leaders,  individual consultants, and everything in between to really understand what makes the wonderful world of recruitment (and sometimes sales) tick.

Episode 23

Spencer Pike Lyon, Head of L&D / Sales Operations at Discover International

Episode 22

Ashley Rice, Owner of ARPD

Episode 21

Gary Goldsmith, Co-founder of RDLC Pirates

Episode 20

Patrick Waites, Co-Founder of Coltech Global

Episode 19

Kamal Ladwa, Founder at Syun Consulting

Episode 18

Dualta Doherty, Co-founder of Recwired

Episode 16

Edmund Blogg, Director at RecruitHub

Episode 15

Richard Fisher, CEO at Skillsearch

Episode 14

Tom Cox at Thomas Berkeley Recruitment

Episode 13

Christmas Special with Chris Aitken & Marc Parsons

Episode 12

Reece Warren, Associate Director at Discovered Mena

Episode 11

Michael Hanson, CEO at Growth Genie

Episode 10

Dougie Loan, CRO at Sourcewhale

Episode 9

Ben Wallin, Co-Founder of Edison Smart

Episode 8

Hitesh Kapadia, CRO at Jointflows

Episode 7

Ollie Sharpe, VP Sales at Abacum


Episode 6

Richard Smith, VP Sales at Allego

Episode 5

Bryan Mulry, Account Executive at Salesloft

Episode 4

Kevin Beales, Founder at MySalesCoach

Episode 3

Alex Gilbert, L&D Manager at 11 Investments

Episode 2

Ciara Mahon, Sales Manager at Odro

Episode 1

Donna Owen, VP of Sales at Odro