The BD Revolution

Lessons Recruiters Can Take from the Software Industry

4pm, Tuesday 8th August 2023

Business development (BD) is all the rage in recruitment. Agencies are scrambling to get their teams hunting down new business but many don't know where to start or have the know-how to make it a successful part of an agency's strategy.

Fortunately that path has been walked many times by software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies over the last decade. So we figured why not get some hard-hitting SaaS BD experts in a room together to talk about it?!

Join Derry (CEO, OneUp), Marc (SDR Manager, OneUp), Tara (Account Executive, Venatrix), and Dougie (CRO, SourceWhale) as they discuss what BD is, how the best software companies and recruiters are approaching it, and actions you can take TODAY to take your BD efforts to the next level.

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