Case Study

How PSR Solutions improved data visibility & accountability with OneUp

PSR Solutions is an industry-leading construction recruitment agency, providing career opportunities in seven different sectors on both a freelance and permanent basis.

They have worked with market-leading contractors as well as regional, national, and multi-national blue-chip clients since 2005.

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7 UK Offices


110 Reps


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The Problem

After switching CRMs, PSR Solutions found themselves with reduced data visibility and difficulties with reporting

Unable to make data-driven decisions

Activity and revenue were dropping due to loss of accountability

Competitive & fun atmosphere was gone, risking staff turnover

The Solution

PSR Solutions used OneUp to increase data visibility and improve reporting

PSR implemented OneUp as a solution to their new-found reporting struggles.

With Analyse, the team were able to easily create the reports they needed, automate delivery to the senior leadership team, and provide a better visibility of data at the desk level.

The increased access to data allowed the team to understand their performance metrics better and enabled data-driven decision making.

The Results

PSR also increased rep productivity using OneUp

In addition to using OneUp to solve their reporting struggles, the team at PSR also used the features of Motivate to increaser rep productivity.

They used Targets to set their users clear goals, as well as running Leagues and Missions to create healthy competition and drive performance further.

As a result, PSR saw some huge increases...



Increase in Jobs Added


Increase in CVs Sent


Increase in Total Placements
  • As consultants we need clear, accessible and up to date data. OneUp has given us the ability to easily review our KPI’s and manage our time to become more effective and efficient. A key highlight has been the Leagues, they have been a great way for me to push myself and create a bit of friendly competition between me and my colleagues. I have found OneUp very user friendly and it’s the first page I open in the morning, and the last I close at the end of the day
    Benjamin Lee
    Recruitment Consultant, PSR Solutions
  • Working with the team at OneUp has been a genuine pleasure from a PM perspective. From early demonstrations, right the way through to launch, the implementation was smooth, structured and completed well within the provided timeframe. OneUp is a software I believe all recruitment agencies should explore!
    Jack Brookes
    IT Project Manager, PSR Solutions

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