The Carrot & Stick Podcast #3: Onboarding & Employee Retention

In this episode, Alex Gilbert, L&D Manager at 11 Investments, highlights the significance of a successful onboarding process in employee retention.

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In this episode, Alex Gilbert, L&D Manager at 11 Investments, points to the critical role of onboarding and employee retention. He highlights the significance of a successful onboarding process in ensuring employee satisfaction and long-term commitment. When onboarding is done poorly, employees are not adequately trained or supported, leading to dissatisfaction and increased turnover. Heuses the analogy of filling up a bath but forgetting to plug the other end to illustrate the importance of effective onboarding and support in retaining employees.

He emphasises that a positive onboarding experience can have a profound impact on employee retention. They suggest that a new employee's first day or week sets the tone for their entire experience at the company. A successful onboarding experience can buy the company time, as employees are more likely to tolerate challenges or setbacks in the following weeks or months. Alex believes that onboarding is the secret recipe for employee retention because it sets employees up for success rather than failure.

Alex discusses the significance of continuous learning and development in retaining employees. "If you're not earning and you're not learning then go". Continuous improvement, training, and learning programs are identified as key factors in retaining employees. The guest suggests that providing ongoing learning opportunities can contribute to employees' sense of fulfilment and job satisfaction, ultimately increasing their likelihood of staying with the company.

In another segment of the episode, they discuss the significance of collecting feedback from customers. They emphasise that this is the final point they will be discussing. Feedback is a valuable tool to assess how well customers are being managed and supported. It provides insights into the onboarding process, customer retention, and ongoing engagement with the product or service.

They also highlight that collecting feedback is essential for maintaining and improving the product or service. They emphasise the value of data in this process, as it can provide insights into customer behaviour and preferences. By analysing feedback, businesses can identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments to better meet customer needs.

Additionally, Derry emphasised the importance of building rapport and credibility with customers to receive candid feedback. They mention that in-person interactions can be particularly effective in fostering this kind of relationship, as customers may feel more comfortable asking questions and sharing their experiences.

The episode highlights the need for collecting feedback from customers as a means to assess and enhance the customer experience, identify areas for growth, and build strong relationships with customers.

In the final segment, Derry and Alex delve into the value of in-person training and the importance of building rapport with customers. While acknowledging the convenience and accessibility of online learning, videos, and podcasts, they highlight the unique benefits of in-person training and the power of shared learning experiences.

Alex strongly advocates for in-person training over online learning if a choice had to be made. They explain that building rapport and credibility with someone allows for candid questions and a more meaningful engagement. This personal connection enables a deeper level of understanding and support, particularly for individuals who may not be as comfortable with technology.

To address the challenge of providing just-in-time learning while still maintaining the benefits of in-person training, the guest suggests a planning process. They propose using data to determine average training needs and tailoring just-in-time learning resources accordingly. This approach strikes a balance between convenience and personal interaction, ensuring that customers receive the necessary support and training when they need it, while also having the opportunity for in-person sessions to build rapport and address specific questions or concerns.

Alex highlights the value of in-person training in building rapport and credibility with customers. While online learning has its advantages, the personal connection and ability to address individual needs and questions make in-person training a valuable component of the learning experience.

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